Review: Erda Luxury Facial Collection on Combination Skin Type

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Specialized skincare products for oily OR dry skin are almost everywhere.

But searching for the right skincare product gets complicated for those who have a combination skin type. It’s when some parts of your face, particularly the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) are oily, while the other parts (cheeks, jaws, and hairline) are dry.

Since I have a combination skin type, it’s a challenge for me to find a single product that will work 100% on the different parts of my face that have different needs. I want to balance the sebum on the oilier parts, but I also want to lock the moisture in drier areas.

Fortunately, I discovered Erda Luxury Facial Collection from Origani Philippines, which promises to cleanse and hydrate the skin to make it smoother. I’ll tell you how these products help me manage my skin later on. But first, let me share my struggles over having a combination skin type.

Challenges of Having a Combination Skin Type

People with oily skin are more prone to clogged pores and breakouts because the sebaceous glands overproduce oils. Those with dry skin, meanwhile, tend to have fine lines or cracks because their skin lacks moisture. What happens when you have a combination skin type? Simply put, we get the worst of both worlds; we’re likely to face most of the problems both skin types experience.

I mostly deal with problems associated with oily skin because that’s more evident in my case. Pimples show up on my forehead and chin like unwanted guests that take their sweet time before finally leaving. My cheeks, on the other hand, sometimes feel dry and itchy.

I focus more on managing the bigger problem area — the oilier parts of my skin — and use products formulated for oily skin. The drawback is that they make the other parts of my face even drier since they are supposed to reduce the oiliness of the skin.

I eventually got tired of guessing which products would work best on my skin type. I decided to educate myself on the proper skincare suitable for my skin type. Beauty magazines and blogs online have been a godsend for this. And since they were such great help, I decided to pay it forward and share my experience with you.

Combination Skin-Friendly Routine

After spending hours on the Internet (as I usually do), I picked up some helpful information about how to build an ideal skincare routine for combination skin. For example, I learned that mild cleansers help me wash dirt and impurities off my face without drying out my skin.

I also used to avoid moisturizers because I felt like it made my skin oilier. It turns out that I’d been looking at the wrong types of moisturizers. I should have gone for an oil-free moisturizer, which benefits both oily and dry parts of my face.

Here’s another confession: I exfoliated a lot because I thought it helped control the oil factory on my T-zone. Although exfoliating is not that bad at all, we should do it in moderation. Once or twice a week should be more than enough. It eliminates dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, which make our skin complexion look dull. If you’re new to exfoliators, try products that work for all skin types.

After I felt confident about my knowledge of the ideal skincare products for my combination skin, I searched for products that would meet my needs.

Trying Out Erda Luxury Facial Collection

At first, I was hesitant to purchase the Erda Luxury Facial Collection because it costs way higher than the products I normally buy. Despite the hefty price, I still ended up buying them because I was intrigued by their ingredients and many of my friends had been raving to me about them for a while now.

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The collection includes three products, namely:

  • Erda Daily Glow Toning Cleanser (150 mL)
  • Erda Nature’s Gentle Exfoliator Manuka Honey Peel (50mL)
  • Erda Rich & Hydrating Day Cream (50 mL)

I use the toning cleanser daily (day and night) by massaging three pumps of the product onto my damp skin and rinse it with warm water.

I then apply the cream in circular motions to give my skin the hydration it needs for the whole day. I also make sure to apply sunscreen to protect my skin against the harmful UV rays.

These days, I exfoliate only twice a week (I used to do it every other day) so as not to irritate my sebaceous glands and kick them into oil production overdrive. After 10 seconds of massaging the product onto my face while avoiding facial hair areas, I rinse it with warm water and pat dry. To finish the routine, I apply a hydrating cream to lock the necessary moisture in my skin.

The Results

By going beyond my usual skincare budget, I expected to see significant improvements over time. And, boy, was I not disappointed! I had been using these products for barely three months and I already noticed improvements on my skin.

My skin feels smoother now — and don’t get me started with my pores! They now appear smaller. My skin has totally reached the next level of glowing goodness.

The hydrating cream is the piece de resistance for me. It feels light on my skin and doesn’t feel sticky at all, especially even if I’m outside and under the sun. This product also has a silky finish, which makes my skin look healthy all the time. I think this is the moisturizer I have been looking for my combination type of skin all along.

Of course, I also love the exfoliator from this collection; choosing to use this product was definitely a game changer. It contains Manuka Honey derived from bees that feed on the nectar from Manuka trees in Australia and New Zealand. According to my research, the ingredient is thought to help remove impurities in the skin, unveiling clean, radiant skin. Well, they’re not lying because you should see my glow right now, girl.

Would I Recommend these Products?

Overall, I rate these products four out of five stars only because I was expecting to see immediate improvements. As it happened, it took a couple of months of regular use before I truly noticed my skin’s beautiful transformation. And yes, I recommend these products to those who, like me, struggle to find the products for their combination skin. The wait was worth it though. I also realized that it’s all right to spend the extra cash on products that actually work.

Results still vary, however. These products might not suit your skin as much as they suit mine. It’s essential to consult with a dermatologist to make sure that you really have a combination skin type. Otherwise, these skincare products might not work for you at all.

If you have tried one or all of these products, what do you think about them? I’ll be delighted to hear your thoughts. You can also share some tips on caring for combination skin type if you have any.

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