Is Porcelain Skin a Myth? Not if You Take the Necessary Steps to Come Close to It

A Girl With Great SkinI’m obsessed about the size of my pores. I’m a fan of trying every single technique that promises my skin will look like porcelain because you can always argue it is all smoke and mirrors. But I still want to get as close to that image as I can.

First of all, let’s clear a few things up.

Everyone has pores. They are part of being a human being. (It is also is why people who appear poreless are akin to being goddesses, but yes, they do still have pores.) Pores contain hair follicles and allows sebum to be released to the surface of the skin. This means most of your body has pores and though they aren’t always a pleasant sight, they do a great deal of good for your skin. It is the job of the sebaceous glands to keep your skin moisturized and protected against the elements.

The thing is, since pores are openings, they can also gather things like dirt and shed skin cells. These, along with the natural reaction of sebum to exposure to air, can cause breakouts if not properly addressed. This is why cleaning your skin well is important. It will keep your pores clear of blockage and prevent build-up, especially if you have oily skin. It’s one of the easiest, most basic things that can be done to keep your skin texture smooth.

The perception of these pores depend on the genes you inherit and unfortunately, I inherited ones that appear larger than most. I have always wished that I can make them smaller somehow. I have tried steaming my skin before washing my face and then applying cold water, even ice, sometimes, just to ensure my pores appear smaller. I can personally attest that it doesn’t work. What does work, however, is a combination of the correct skin care and skin care products and cosmetics.

The first thing to do is to keep your skin clean and clear. This is true for any skin type but is particularly essential for those like me with oily skin. Some product lines like Origani’s Dermassure series can provide basic skin care products that help in these matters. Ingredients like tea tree and sandalwood oil help unclog the pores and keep your skin free from acne-causing bacteria. Sticking to a very simple, basic routine, I find, has been best for my skin and using products that contain the same oil- and acne-fighting ingredients keeps most breakouts away.

Sometimes, though, a regular routine isn’t enough.

Once or twice a week I treat myself to a facial treatment, often a mask. Of course, I favor one that is already part of the same line that already has my confidence.

Origani Dermassure Clear and Calm Pore Refining Mask

The Origani Dermassure Clear and Calm Pore Refining Mask contains tea tree and sandalwood oil just like the other products in the line. It also contains several other highly beneficial ingredients like:

  • Acai Berry: antioxidant, anti-aging, and contains fatty acids that helps keep the skin supple
  • Chamomile: soothing cleanser
  • Clove Leaf Oil: anitbacterial
  • Honey: absorbs excess moisture while allowing the skin to retain moisture
  • Ylang-ylang: moisture-retaining, skin-calming, retains and improves skin elasticity

Most impressive is that it contains carapa guianensis, also known as andiroba oil, which is anti-inflammatory and has astringent properties. The oil is known for its medicinal properties, it was used to help the skin heal and encourage better circulation. By adding this ingredient, the skin becomes better-equipped to fight off future breakouts and, should they occur, it allows the skin to fight it off more easily.

This mask has been an amazing addition to my routine, one that I am sorry that I ignored before. Frankly, I am no longer surprised that it is such a desirable product. So desirable, in fact, that it is often out of stock! (Pro-tip: buy two jars if you can. It is absolutely worth the price.) As with everything else in the line, it works perfectly for my skin and, as expected, is an excellent addition to the cleanser, serum, and moisturizer.

But what has it done for my pores?

Using the cleanser, serum, and moisturizer helped keep my skin clear. I still had the occasional breakouts and the pores on my nose and cheeks, despite my devotion to my skin care, continue to be very visible. So I would say that it’s absolutely true that you cannot really do anything to make your pores disappear. What I can say about the product, though, is that the visibility of my pores has been greatly reduced since I started using it. Because of this, I’m very hopeful about the change and the continued change I’m seeing, two months into using the product.

I have yet to achieve the porcelain skin that I want and, realistically, I’m not sure it’s in my genes to begin with. This has, however, brought me very close to the results I want. My skin is clearer than ever and my breakouts occur less frequently than before. Coupled with the use of cosmetics that also keep the oil on my skin under control, even my dermatologist is impressed by the response my skin has had to the cosmetics I use.

I started using this product already impressed with the Origani Dermassure line so I admit: there may already be some bias there. Then again, the trust I have in how effective their products are is the precise reason why I was willing to try the mask in the first place. Origani has been keeping my skin clear for the past six months and I am now completely devoted to the brand.

I’m still not expecting any type of magical transformation even after I finish off my first jar of the product. But I am definitely pleased with the results so far and will keep using and recommending this to anyone with the same skin condition as mine. Why shouldn’t I when everyone around me keeps asking me for tips on how I get the healthy glow on my skin, despite all my complaints about oil and pores?

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