Must-Try Skincare Products for Glowing Skin this Summer

Living in the Philippines, particularly in Manila, exposes me to plenty of sunlight almost all year. As a commuter, for example, I stand along EDSA in the morning waiting for a bus to get to my workplace. During the morning rush, I have to wait — and acquaint myself with the sun’s rays much longer. Before I even reach my office, I’m all sweaty and exhausted.

With summer right around the corner, the weather in the Metro has become unbearably hot and the sun’s rays much harsher. I came prepared this year, though. I already updated my skincare routine and incorporated Origani products to keep my youthful glow despite my frequent sun exposure.

Sun Damage Add Years to the Skin

As we know, the sun is the natural source of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is a great source of Vitamin D. In excess, however, exposure to UV rays without protection damages the skin. It causes premature aging and in some cases, skin cancer (that’s why I’m extra vigilant about putting protection on my skin, not only during summer but all year!).

If you aren’t as dedicated to applying sunblock, the sun damage on your skin builds up over time. And you’ll start noticing the appearance of wrinkles, loose skin, age spots, and spider veins. Just awful! Who wants to look older than your actual age, right? This summer, I’ll tell you about how I’m keeping my skin’s natural glow.

Ideal Ingredients for Summer Skincare

First thing’s first: Ingredients. You’ll be applying sunblock and skincare products liberally and all over your skin this summer, so you better be sure it’s the good stuff. Make it a habit of checking the key ingredients of a skincare product when shopping. Remember not all products are created equal. Each ingredient that goes into it has an intended purpose and suits a certain skin type more than others, and might be more ideal for a particular season — and some are just fillers.

Here are some ingredients your summer skincare products must absolutely have:

  • Aloe vera – this is one of my summer essentials (honestly, all year). After long hours of being under the sun, the soothing effect of Aloe vera gel is heavenly. It contains polysaccharides, compounds that encourage skin repair. It also has carboxypeptidase for pain relief.
  • Tea tree oil – this is an ideal ingredient for your summer skincare routine, especially if you tend to break out during the hot season. Tea tree oil has soothing effects and relieves inflammation, making the skin healthier.
  • Witch hazel – having this ingredient in your skincare product is a lifesaver. target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow”This ingredient does almost everything to make your skin happy, from treating acne to relieving sunburn. Don’t go crazy with this ingredient, though, because it can strip off moisture with excessive use.
  • Vitamin C – you shouldn’t forget to include this ingredient in your summer skincare routine because it’s beneficial to any skin type. It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fight free radicals, and even out your skin tone. Vitamin C also protects the skin against skin damage caused by UV rays.

Soothing Sun Damaged Skin

Recently, I decided to try the Erda Activating Thermal Peel Collection by Origani. It consists of three items (a thermal peel, a serum, and a cooling cream) that promises to warm, purify, and soothe my skin and bring out my natural beauty. These products seem to be what I need, especially in summer, and had the right ingredients. I was convinced to make a purchase.

I only use them once or twice a week, particularly when I spend too much time under the sun. Here’s how my routine goes: I cleanse my face using my usual cleanser. After patting it dry, I moisten my face using the Origani Erda Activating Serum infused with Australian Desert Lime & Kakadu Plum, and then I apply the Origani Erda Purifying Thermal Peel Anti Ageing Detox. I leave the mask on my face for 10 minutes and rinse it off with warm water.

aloe vera

The activating serum helps stimulate the thermal effects of the mask. It also opens pores, so anti-aging nutrients can deeply penetrate into the skin. The serum contains Australian Kakadu Plum extract, the world’s richest source of vitamin C. It boosts the anti-aging and protection performance of the product.

The other key ingredient of the serum — desert lime — is also rich in vitamin C. It helps rejuvenate the skin, improve skin firmness, and even out skin tone.

Meanwhile, the mask creates a gentle warming sensation, which opens pores and stimulates micro-circulation. It also contains natural clay and cranberry seeds that purify the skin. These components absorb excess oils and eliminate impurities from my skin. After several uses, I noticed my skin felt smoother and appeared to be more radiant.

I apply the Origani Erda Cooling Cream Anti Ageing De-Stress liberally after rinsing off the mask and pat drying my face. The cooling cream contains skin essentials to de-stress and re-balance skin complexion. It’s soothing and cooling effects come from Aloe vera and cucumber. The cream also has Shea butter and Jojoba for hydration and skin protection, plus pomegranate and green tea to even out your skin tone and keep its elasticity.

Protecting the Skin from Sun Damage

Apart from using my Origani skincare products, I also use other formulations to protect my skin against UV rays. Skin protection helps slow down and prevent sun damage on the skin, especially when applied daily. I usually use sunscreen with SPF30 to protect my skin against UVB, the type of radiation that damages the skin, causes sunburn, and increases your risk of skin cancer.

I also tend to use an umbrella that blocks UV rays while waiting for a ride along EDSA or while walking around the city at midday. Covering my skin with breathable fabrics helps protect my skin against the damaging effects of the sun, too.

Maintain Your Glow with Proper Skincare

I used to avoid buying costly skin care products. But I realized that maintaining healthy skin is an investment as long as you use the right products based on your skin type and the season. Since I started using the Erda Activating Thermal Peel Collection, I started seeing the glow that everyday sun exposure has taken away. I now arrive at my office still looking fresh and glowing.

This summer, enjoy your time outside without worrying about aging your skin faster. Protect your skin and indulge it with a luxurious treatment.

If you have tried these products, feel free to share your experience. You can also give other skincare tips perfect for the summer. I’ll be happy to read about it!

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