Four Main Reasons to Buy Organi/Origani Philippines Cleanser and Toner

Don’t worry, this is going to be a pretty quick review. I’d like to talk about my new stash called Organi Cleanser and Toner. I am a Neutrogena baby, but for some reason, I couldn’t find the toner or cleanser in my nearest mall, so I decided to look for an alternative. I saw an Origani kiosk, and since I’ve heard generally positive reviews from fellow skin-obsessed friends, I thought it’s a good option.

Image from Origani website

An Origani skin care product is pricey, which can initially stop you from buying it. But before you say no, you should know why it’s worth the price.

First is its list of ingredients. The brand uses only organic components, which means it is paraben free and is more likely to be friendly for several types of skin, including sensitive. I learned I can apply the product three times a day, and I won’t experience redness, irritation, or dryness. Also, whether it’s due to the product or not, I noticed I am having rare breakouts.

Second it looks expensive. I admit I can easily get attracted to packaging, and it’s not difficult to fall in love with Origani’s cleanser and toner. Most of their products come in transparent bottles, so you can definitely inspect the contents before buying.

Third, it’s money value when you know how to use it. Although this costs a lot from the get-go, you don’t need to apply a lot of it every time. Just get a very small amount for your neck and face. So a regular bottle can last you at least 6 to 8 months.

Fourth, it’s so easy to apply! You just lather the product on your hands before applying it to your face and neck. Then clean your face with tepid water. The consistency isn’t runny, so you don’t waste the products.

Now my verdict: am I happy with Origani? Of course, I am! I am so satisfied with Origani Philippines I am ready to try their other products.

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